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French Press Exercise – Best Exercise For Triceps

Hello Everyone, As you know now a days everyone wants no deposit slots no download and Best CBD patches. However, Weight trainer must be knowing that not only biceps is essential but also triceps, as it makes 2/3 of your muscle size. So, if your strength-training workout is heavy on biceps exercises but light on those focusing on triceps then do consider performing french press exercise during your workout routine. And, between all the isolation triceps exercise, french press is most popular one. It can be performed in any position among standing, seated on bench or stability ball, even while lying on the flat bench. All you need are few dumbbells or barbells or EZ curl bar whichever you feel comfortable with.

french press for triceps workout

French Press Workout Information

Primary Muscle :-Triceps

Secondary Muscle :-Forearms

Equipment’s Used :-EZ curl bar,Dumbbells

Exercise Type :-Isolation

French Press Exercise With EZ bar

This is a part of french press exercise, which can be performed while in the sitting position and standing position. Equipment used is the EZ curl bar. This is the most preferable equipment for this exercise. Because this exercise lets you perform a movement that comes natural to your elbow and wrist joint.

How to perform the french press exercise with EZ curl bar in standing position

  1. Stand up and hold EZ curl bar from inside with palms facing forward(prorated grip).
  2. While in this position both your hands must be little closer to each other than that of both shoulders. I mean gap between hands while holding EZ curl bar must be less than that of gap between your shoulders.
  3. On the other hand gap between both feet should be similar to the gap between both shoulders.
  4. Then while breathing out(exhale) lift the EZ bar above your head straightening  your arms.standing french press dumbbell
  5. Next step is breath in(inhale) while keeping your arms closer to your ears, let your elbows fold down putting the EZ bar behind your head.
  6. Make sure only your forearm should move and touch your biceps. The upper arm should not move.french press seated with EZ bar
  7. Go back to your starting position while exhaling in which your triceps will raise the EZ bar.
  8. Repeat the steps as per requirements and recommendation.

French press Workout With Dumbbells

The above exercise can also be performed with dumbbells instead of using EZ bar. You can perform French press triceps dumbbell in any position among sitting,standing or lying position as told earlier also.

How to perform the french press workout in sitting position

  1. Sit on a flat bench, make sure that your feet should touch the floor properly and your back must be straight throughout the whole exercise.
  2. Grasp a dumbbell with both the hands over you head and hold it overhead at arm’s length. The resistance should be resting in palms of your hands with your thumbs around it.french press triceps dumbbell
  3. Next step is breath in (inhale) while keeping your arms closer to your ears, let your elbows fold down putting the weight(dumbbell) behind your head.
  4. Make sure that only your forearm should move and touch your biceps. The upper arms should not move.seated dumbbell french press
  5. Then again, go back to the starting position by raising dumbbell over your head. During this movement, breath out(exhale) while straightening your arms above your head.
  6. Repeat the steps as per requirement or recommedation.

 Lying Dumbbell French Press

French press exercise can be done in lying position too with both the equipment’s. We just need is flat bench and any one of the equipment. So now we will go through technique of lying french press exercise using dumbbells as equipment.

So follow these easy steps to perform this:-

  1. Sit on the flat surface such as bench. Now grab the pair of dumbbells having desired weight and then, lie back on that surface.
  2. After that, extend your arms in such a way that dumbbells are over your eyes and palms facing each other. Dumbbells should be just about touching each other from there inner side.
  3. In this position when your arms are extended, your triceps must be under some tension.french press workout instruction
  4. Next step is, while keeping your shoulders locked and maintaining your upper arms in upright position, let your elbows fold down and bend in such a way that your dumbbells are lowered down towards sides of your ears.lying french press exercise
  5. while in this position, maintain your upper arms slightly straight. Tighter your arms and maintain your back toward bench over which you are lying.
  6. During all these movements, don’t move any other part of your body, just move forearms. Therefore, keep control over your rest body and maintain balance.
  7. So in this position squeeze your triceps. Close your elbows as much as possible.
  8. This is the actual movement that give your triceps stretch.
  9. Repeat the steps as per requirement or recommendation.

Instructions While Performing French Press Exercise

French press exercise is very popular exercise. But many people do some common mistakes while performing french press workout. Here are some instructions which we must know while performing this exercise.

  1. Only your forearms should move. Keep your forearms stabilized. In-fact rest of your body should be still during the exercise.
  2. Don’t burst out sudden movement in passion. Repeat the movement slowly and steadily.
  3. Your back must be straight while doing this exercise.
  4. Don’t forget to exhale while raising EZ bar or dumbbell and inhale while folding down the elbows lowering the dumbbell or EZ curl bar.
  5. Take the tension of your triceps.
  6. While performing french press, Firstly EZ bar might be proffered as it is more comfortable among all equipment’s.
  7. Don’t lift the elbows forward while you lift it.

Now, you must got aware of the french press exercise and some common mistakes while performing this exercise. In case of any query regarding french press you may ask in the commenting section. Share with your bodybuilder friends also.

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