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When & How To Take Creatine Monohydrate Powder

Do you know how to take Best CBD patches? Creatine is the single most effective muscle building supplements. Creatine increases the strength, performance and volumize muscle cells even helps you to transform your body at faster rate.

Choice Of Creatine Powder :-

In order to incorporate the no deposit slots uk 2020 in your routine. Initially, following decisions are to be taken with full precision.

Firstly you need to decide whether which creatine powder is to be chosen. It is really very difficult to decide which creatine is best.

Well, according to me most popular and easy available form of creatine is monohydrate creatine which comes in powder, tablets and liquid form. You can simply get it from nutrition store or online stores. Moreover you can also go for creatine citrate or creatine ethyl after reading the label of whichever type you choose. However, its my personal opinion not to choose liquid creatine. As the moment it is mixed with water, its effect begin to degrade. Its just made to attract consumers. So avoid the liquid creatine. So, go for creatine powder. You can get it in pure form as well as mixed sugar form so as to sweeten your energy drink.when to take creatine monohydrate

Ways To Take Creatine :-

Creatine is one of the supplement that must be taken in right way so as to get the likely results. You can incorporate this supplement into your routine either with loading phase or on basis of your body weight.

Loading is most common way to take creatine. It starts with fully saturating muscle stores of creatine with high dosage and then gradually maintaining creatine levels in body by maintenance of dose. Thus, most successful dosing protocol is to front load with large dose followed by maintenance dose. Fastest way to achieve this saturation is to load with higher dose of 20-25 gm for 5-6 days with 4 servings throughout the day. For example, if you choose to load about 20 gm of creatine per day. Take 5 gm of it in 4 servings a day. After about 6 days when you muscles stores creatine will be saturated. Then you can lower down your dose to 5-10 gm.how to load creatine

Here Is How To Take Creatine By Loading :-

This is very common method that everyone use to take creatine. If you want to incorporate creatine using loading you can follow these easy steps.

  1. First of all measure 5 gm of creatine powder as recommended above, either in plastic measuring scoop that come with powder or with heaping tea-spoon if measuring scoop is not in packing.
  2. Then take a quart sized container full of water and mix creatine powder with water. In case you don’t have quart-sized container, then you can take four cups of water into a container so as to mix powder in it.
  3. Even you can mix it with juice.
  4. As soon as you mix creatine powder with water or juice, drink it at same point of time. As more the time it will be kept in water, more it will amount to degrade. So, in order to get maximum benefit drink it immediately.
  5. Similarly take dose of 5-5 gm in another 3 servings as per your schedule of the day. As such 20 gm of creatine is necessary for at least first 5-6 days so as to fully saturate muscles creatine store.
  6. Once you are done with high dosage in first 5-6 days load, then you can reduce your dosage from 4 doses to 2-3 doses so as to maintain creatine level.how long to take creatine

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On The Basis Of Your Body Weight :-

If you want to incorporate creatine powder in your routine as per your body weight then you can follow these easy steps.

  1. In first week days, approx 0.35 gm of creatine per kg of your body weight. So, whatever is your body weight just multiply that to 0.35, in order to calculate your daily dosage.
  2. Say if your body weight is 60 kg, then consume 21 gm of creatine per day for initial 6-7 days for example, (60*0.35=21).
  3. You can take it in 4-5 serving as per your schedule.
  4. After first week days of high dose, you can reduce your dose to 0.15 gm of creatine per kg of your body weight.
  5. Say, if your body weight is 60 kg then consume 9 gm of creatine per day for next one week.
  6. You can take it in 3 doses of 3 gm or in 2 doses too.how long to take creatine

Now, you must got aware about how to take creatine and when to take creatine. In case of any query regarding how to take creatine you may ask in the commenting section. Share with your friends also.